Hương Red Crystal Incense do tu viện Drikung làm

Hương Red Crystal tu viện Drikung sản xuất

Authentic Red Crystal Incense from the Drikung Charitable Society with the Hologram. Our Incense are directly from the Monastery and is fresh.

Authentic Red Crystal Incense is a traditional Tibetan incense for health and meditation.
It is carefully compounded from 23 herbal medicinal ingredients from the high Himalayan mountain range to jungles and plains.

Red crystal traditional Tibetan herbal incense for meditation, carefully compounded from 23 herbal ingredients brought from their native environments from the high Himalayan mountain range Kulu, Manali, Sikkim, Tibet to the jungles and plains of India.

Such great quantities of these precious ingredients are used that when you burn it, through sense of smell, the feelings of spaciousness and serenity pervade your entire being.
Aside from medicinal and therapeutic uses, this incense features natural and aromatic ingredients that contain good and auspicious substances which are ideal for Puja offerings. The aroma also leaves any room with delightful country fresh and clean fragrances.

This Red Crystal Incense features the official hologram seal and is manufactured by the Drikung Charitable Society, Kagyudpa Monastic Institute in South India.

Package includes about 30 sticks of incense

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